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 House Bill 645 Historic Preservation Competitive Grant Program 

(Revised February 10, 2012) 

All HB 645 projects were completed by the fall of 2011. This program has no available funds. The information below is for historic purposes.

House Bill 645 (HB 645), passed by the 2009 Montana Legislature and signed into law by Governor Schweitzer on May 14, 2009, provided $4 million "for the awarding of grants to public or private entities for the preservation of historic sites within the State of Montana."  HB 645 set aside funding for three specific historic preservation projects:

Marcus Daly Mansion at Hamilton:  $50,000 for Restoration and Preservation

St. Mary’s Mission at Stevensville:  $40,000 for Restoration and Preservation

Traveler’s Rest Historic Site at Lolo:  $180,000 for Restoration and Preservation

After costs for administration of the program, $3,624,460 remained available for new historic preservation grants.  MDOC received 135 applications requesting over $20.1 million in historic preservation funding.   The links below list all of the applications received.  These lists are sorted by project location and by historic site use categories.

Applications by Location (Adobe Acrobat pdf)

Applications by Category (Adobe Acrobat pdf)

A committee of MDOC and State Historic Preservation Office experts ranked all 135 applications based on the five competitive criteria identified in HB 645:

(1) The degree of economic stimulus or economic activity, including job creation and work creation for Montana contractors and service workers;

(2) The timing of the project, including the access to matching funds if needed and approval of permits so the work can be completed without delay;

(3) The historic or heritage value related to the State of Montana;

(4) The successful track record or experience of the organization directing the project; and

(5) The expected on-going economic benefit to the State as a result of the project completion.

MDOC offered awards to the 56 top ranked applicants.  These grantees span the entire State of Montana and are listed in the link below: 

Historic Preservation Awards (Adobe Acrobat pdf)