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Montana Reinvestment Act

Montana University System

Message from Commissioner of Higher Education Sheila M. Stearns

The Montana Reinvestment Act plays a critical role for students, workers, and parents of Montana.  This Act makes a significant investment to hold down the cost of tuition for students so that attending one of our excellent two- or four-year colleges remains an affordable option for all Montanans.  Funding is also provided to improve distance learning opportunities and to increase access to our most affordable campuses, the colleges of technology and the community colleges.   These critical investments in two-year campuses were made so that students of all ages have affordable access to the training and skills needed to find new jobs or to enhance their current jobs, no matter where they live.  The Montana Reinvestment Act also gives the University System the opportunity to make energy improvements on our campuses.  These funds not only help campuses save money by becoming more energy-efficient, but also create jobs for Montana’s workers.

Following the lead of the Governor, the Montana University System is committed to providing accountability and transparency for all Montana Reinvestment Act funds allocated to the University System.  Please take a look at the Reinvestment Projects in the MUS and review the specifics on how the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act are investing in higher education in Montana.


Commissioner of Higher Education Sheila Stearns
Sheila M. Stearns
Commissioner of Higher Education