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Montana Department of Labor & Industry

American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Provisions

Workforce Services Division

Workforce Investment Act Training and Employment Services

Montana will receive nearly six million dollars for the WIA dislocated worker WIA Adult and WIA youth programs through existing formulas.
  • $1,756,038 is designated for the WIA Dislocated Worker program which provides services to individuals who have been terminated or laid off, or have received notice of termination or layoff, from employment generally due to plant closures or downsizing; and who meet the dislocated worker definition of a displaced homemaker. Supportive services and needs related payments necessary for an individual’s participation in training are estimated to reach 493 participants.
  • $1,234,406 is designated for the WIA Adult program which provides intensive and training services to individuals age 18 and older who are at or lower than a level of self-sufficiency. Supportive services and need-related payments are available to support the employment and training needs of priority populations, including recipients of public assistance and other low-income individuals and are estimated to reach 365 participants.
  • $2,918,025 is designated for the WIA Youth Program, The main thrust of the Youth Program is to increase the focus on longer-term academic and occupational learning opportunities and provide long-term comprehensive service strategies. Age eligibility has been expanded from 21 to 24. Program benefits are estimated to reach 626 participants.

Community Service Employment for Older Americans

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) contracted through Workforce Services to Experience Works, will receive $149,097.

State Employment Service & Reemployment Service Grants

This includes funding for job matching and reemployment services. The program received $1,099,117 in Employment Service Grants and $1,831,862 in Remployment Service Grants.
  • $1,099,117 is designated to provide core and intensive services (testing, assessments, career guidance, job search, resume writing, assistance with UI claims) to participants through case management
  • $1,841,114 is designated for Reemployment Services and could serve an additional 920 applicants

Temporary Extension and Expansion of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program

This will expand TAA training and the TRA benefits to service sector and public agency workers negatively impacted by foreign trade. It also includes job search and relocation benefits. This program received $1,603,656 and estimates services to 396 additional participants.