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Montana Department of Labor & Industry

American Recovery And Reinvestment Act Provisions

Office of Community Service

Montana Conservation Corps

The Montana Conservation Corps has requested $501,999 for the addition of 76 new members. Members will be assigned to enhance current activities by providing home weatherization assistance for low income families, by serving with community organizations to mobilize volunteers and engage youth in hands on service in their communities, and by enhancing non profit capacity through support activities and facility improvements.

  • Members will mobilize volunteers during events such as Public Lands Day and AmeriCorps designated Make A Difference Day, Global Youth Service Day, and Martin Luther Kind Day of Service.
  • Members will provide energy education for low income households.
  • Members will work on building rehabilitation projects in partnership with state agencies.
  • The Montana Conservation Corps is a long standing partner to DPHHS in the Warm Hearts Warm Homes Project and will increase the amount of homes weatherized in low income and Tribal areas.
  • The MCC will engage the Youth Conservation Corps in summer programs especially designed for at risk youth.

The Montana Campus Compact

The Montana Campus Compact is seeking an additional $196,333 in funding to support 44 new member positions serving in the area of human needs. Members will be placed in summer positions to help build the capacity of non profits and community agencies throughout the state. Service activities include recruitment and placing of volunteers, organizing special events and outreach initiatives, and providing direct client care to under served populations, such as disadvantaged youth, people with disabilities, diabetic tribal members and low income families.