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House Bill 645 Local Government Infrastructure Grant Program

(Revised February 10, 2012)

All HB 645 projects were completed by the fall of 2010. This program has no available funds.  The information below is for historic purposes.

House Bill 645 (HB 645), passed by the 2009 Legislature and signed into law by Governor Schweitzer on May 14, 2009, provided $20 million in infrastructure grants to Montana local governments.  The final amounts allocated to counties, cities, and towns were determined using the Montana Department of Transportation's standard formula for distribution of gasoline taxes.  HB 645 permitted local governments to change the scope of work of their identified HB 645 project by submitting an alternative eligible project to the Department.  The links below list the final projects completed by Montana counties, cities, and towns with these infrastructure funds:

The Department of Commerce made these funds available as soon as possible in order to put Montanans back to work addressing critical local needs, and to stimulate both Montana's and the Nation's economy.  The Department provided each local government with 90% of its HB 645 grant funds upon execution of a contract, and released the remaining 10% of funds upon completion of the project.  The Department used Electronic Funds Transfer to disburse funds to all of the county governments and most of the cities and towns.  In most cases, it took no more than ten days for the Department to process disbursement after execution of the contract.